Newer thanx (for help provided in 2004 or later)
Morpheus for motivating me to put some energy into updating this page.
TWR for sending me some S451-stuff that I was missing.
Acidchild for sending me some missing demos.
Sailor/Triad for help with finding files and transfering disks.
Iopop/Triad for locating some demos with The Warlocks that I was missing (huge thanx).
Mason for help on locating some releases.
Odin for help on history/old members.
Everyone at Lemon64, CSDb & C64hq for keeping the spirit alive.

Older thanx (96/97) to the following persons:
Glerc (Hi Erik. It was great meeting you again. I hope you enjoy your stay in England) for helping me with additional information about these events, persons and years that my papers wasnt covering.
Odin for completing my records on the years 90 & 91.
Rygar for cheerful comments :)
Karl XII for completing my records
Hightech for observing the "bug" in my javascript
And a HUGE thanx to all those who has been mailing me comments.

Also, here goes some greetings to those I once (ages ago :) traded with on the c64. If anyone of you still is out there, drop me a line :)

Old c64-greetings goes to:
Sexton/abstract, Matrix/dominators, Joe Cool/Paramount, Ralf/AFL, Thunder/TWB, ADF/F4CG, Jelly/Galaxy, Roy/Dynamix, Tyrant/Level 99, Injun, Mik/DCS, Jog/DCS, LKJ/Transcom, Jorn/RDI, TJ-Laser/X-Ray, Macro Nit/Dominators, Falcon/Pulsar, The Paillons (TPI), FCS, Nib/Lazer, Era/Zenith, Sentinel/Zargon, GD/TDS, Zacho/Zargon, Spitfire/Xades, Cori/Zetrex 2005, Lucas/Razor Express, Mr. Smart/Contex, Ion/BlackMail, Rockstar & Servant & Grendel/Byterapers, Tha Banshee/Digital Scream, Zephyr/Mechanix, TV'55/Mechanix, The Orch & Zeen 666 & Natas/SSS, Shut Berlin/ICE, Dr.Zool/Razor Express, Tycoon/Wizzers, Doc/The gamebusters, Cyclone/Gamma studios, Shorty/A-team, Mirage, Aries, Sonny/Union, Bytestar, Dolphins, Icarus, Triac and The misfits.

Also, more generic greetings to everyone who has ever been a member of Science 451, everyone who ever wanted to be a member of S451 :) and last, but not least everyone who has ever been active on the c64 scene.

Mattias, once known as H.O of Science451