Party invitations

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Please note that I have removed all phone numbers in these scans. I did this in case someone still uses these phonenumbers.

This is the invitation to the Silents copy party in Alvesta, 29/10 - 1/11 in 1987. Both I and Glerc went to this with Triac & Zeen 666 (All of us members of The Warlocks at that time).

This is the invitation to the FCS copyparty 5/12 1987. Since it was in Germany, and only one day, I did not go to it.

This is the map for the FCS party. I have marked the location since it didnt show on the map.

Another copy party from The Silents in Alvesta, April 5-8 1988. I did not go to this, but Glerc and some other members from S451 did.

The Agile Party May 12-15, 1988. This is the meeting where S451 released our last demo before splitting up (and 2/3 of the members joining Sphinx).

The map for the Agile Party.

The Vortex42 party, held om May 13-15 1988, thus colliding with the Agile party.

The Jewels-Danish Gold-Dominators-Upfront party, July 8-10, 1988. Both I, Glerc & Rygar went to this. I think Bilbo went to, but I am a bit unsure on this.

The map for the party.

Horizon party, August 8-11 1988(?).

Byterapers party in Finland, August 8-14, 1988. This is page 1 of the invitation.

Page 2 of the Byterapers invitation

Page 3 of the Byterapers invitation

Zargon copy party in Denmark, March 23-25, 1989. I was actually planning to go to this party, but it collided with my trip to London that easter. Going to London with some friends (and getting drunk) just sounded a lot more fun :)

Map for the Zargon party.