Members of Science 451

Update: I sorted the member list in alphabetical order, to make it easier to find whoever you are looking for. Also added membership dates (these can be somewhat vague)

This is a fairly brief list of the members S451 has had during the years, and whatever facts I could still find about them. Please note that most members hasnt been updated since 97, so "what they are doing now" is most likely incorrect.

Bilbo:(1/11 1987 - January 1990) From Vortex 42. Was mainly a cracker, even though he traded with a lot of ppl and also did some coding. From the Swedish city Mjolby.

Captain Rock:(March 1988 - June 1988) Dutch coder, originally from Beatless.

CDC:(August 1989 - November 1989) A friend of Karl XII, who according to my latest records is unemployed. Now and then travels to Norway. Also plays in the same band as Karl XII.

Dirty C:(???) I have no records on this scener, but according to his own presentation on CSDb he was a member. Still trying to confirm this scener.

Euzkera: (1991 something) Was member for a short while, but under the name of Nitzer. The story goes something like this; Euzkera had promised Odin to join S451 once he left Censor Design, but he didnt want to leave Censor except for quitting the scene. So, he quit the scene as Euzkera, and made a short comeback using the name Nitzer. Only known (to me) release is the crack of Team Tetris.

Fancy:(June 1988 - May 1989) German trader/coder that was member for a while.

Focus:(21/4 1990 - 25/8 1990) Dutch group that was members of S451 for a while as a department of S451. Formed by The Dark Judge (TDJ) on April 21, 1990 and consisted of TDJ, Keysystem, Compyx, Atomrock, Vulcan & Genius.

Glerc:(1/11 1987 - June 1991) Came from The Warlocks. Had been friend with H.O for years, and they had been in the same groups since 86. Lived is the swedish city Linkoping, where he 89-91 studied to become an electro-engineer. Talented coder who was responsible for most of S451s intros & cracks. Was in 97 working for Ericsson, and was back then heading for some time in England. Is currently back in Sweden again.
Also see his interview at for more info.

Galleon:(21/12 1987 - June 1988) From The Warlocks & Linkoping. Joined S451 at the Triad party. Coded some good packers. Is now studying in Linkoping, aiming at a master of science.

Gator: (October 1988 - May 1989) Was a member for a short while as a composer. Still trying to locate more info on him, since no one can remember him (but he is located in some member lists, scroll texts and notes)

Gaunt:(February 1988 - June 1988) Composer. From Stockholm. Was only member for a short while, and then moved on to Sphinx. Is now working on a musical career. Later changed his handle to Danko
Also see his interview at for more info.

H.O:(1/11 1987 - June 1990, 9/12 1996 - now as webmaster) Also came from Linkoping, and as mentioned had known Glerc for years. Both had been members of groups such as CCCP (our first group), The Crew (total failure of a group), Tronix (for 3 weeks), The Warlocks and finally S451.
Never finished his Master of science in computer science since he got a job as a software developer. Still nurtures plans to one day actually finish what he started. Moved from Linkoping to Stockholm in decmber 2000.
Also see his interview at for more info.
Tries to maintain this page on those rare occasions of spare time.

Hightech:(1/11 1987 - June 1988) The founding force, but also the guy causing the split in 88. Was originally from the swedish city Malmo, and he came from Vortex42.

Injun:(21/9 1988 - 22/9 1988) Was member for a few hours. See "In Medias Res" for details.

Iron:(1/11 1987 - 21/12 1987) From Alpha Range 89 (AR89) & Stockholm (?). Was kicked out early.

Judge:(1/11 1987 - June 1988) Also from Vortex 42 & Malmo.

Karl XII:(1/11 1987 - June 1988) From AR89 & Stockholm. Great coder with an obsession for adding weird electronics to his c64. Is now working and on his spare time plays in a band.

Lloyd:(August 89 - February 90) Joined on c64, released a demo, then sold his c64 and bought an amiga (and was kicked out?).

MasterJam:(August 1989 - somewhere in 1991) Became the main trader in s451 as Glerc, Rygar and H.O descreased/stopped trading. Also did modem trading and importing.

Metal Maniac:(1991 something) Member for a short while before leaving the sceene. Lazy coder, now working as managing director for a consultancy company in Stockholm.
Released one demo, Hugaligen, before quitting.
Also see his interview at for more info.

Moskwa TV:(February 1989 - May 1989) Another german member. Was kicked out for giving us bad reputation (since a bit too many persons claimed he was recracking).

Nitzer: See Euzkera.

Nova:(1990 something) Coder who released some demos. No records on him, except that he came from Flash Inc and then went back to Flash inc. Coded a scroller which required you to insert a wet finger in joy-port #1.

Odin:(September 1988 - September 1991) Friend of Spirit, and a coder. Studied to become a chemist and is now finished with his Molecular Biology education. Currently located in Montreal.

Polonus:(March 1990 - September 1991) Is from Poland. Was by Glerc described as the - without competition - most outstanding coder in Poland. Was also good at graphics. Still lives in the polish city Szczein.

Radius:(1/11 1987 - 21/12 1987) Also Vortex42 & Malmo. Was kicked out since he was considered to slow.

Rygar:(1/11 1987 - September 1991) Originally came from Vortex 42. Extremely fast trader who lived in the swedish city Mjolby. I recommend the interview in "In Medias Res" for more details.

Spirit:(September 1988 - September 1990) Swedish coder & artist. Produced some of the - graffixwise - better looking s451-demos. Was a big fan of Spain (the country) and is now said to live there.

Syncro:(February 1988 - June 1988 + June 1989 - September 1989) Also Stockholm. Was a friend of Gaunt. Changed his handle from Professor J to Syncro when joining S451. Coder who coded some brilliant stuff. Was member of S451 twice (the second time as a coder on Amiga), and is now studying in Stockholm.

The Bright Lion:(January 1988 - June 1988) Norwegian coder. Is studying, in Norway.

The Dark Judge: (19/4 1990 - 25/8 1990) Joined S451 at the Horizon Party and built Focus as a subgroup of S451.

The gnome:(March 1990 - June 1991) Joined as a cracker, and took care of more and more of the cracking when Glerc was thinking about quitting. Originally came from Life/Riffs. Is now studying Biomedicin in Gothenburg and is said to be a very good athlete.

The Leader:(1/11 1987 - June 1988) From AR89 & Stockholm, and also a talented coder. Produced S451:s first Amiga demo. Also studies in Stockholm.
See his interview at In medias Res for more details.

Tracker:(November 1990 - September 1991) Musician who was a friend of Polonus. No records of precious groups, or what he is doing now.

Visual:(June 1990 - September 1991) Great graphician who joined from Life/Riffs. Is studying in Gothenburg, studying art.