The official Science 451 page (v 1.3)

Latest update: 2006-07-04

Welcome to the Science 451 homepage.

Latest update:

  1. First of all, my apologies for this site not having been updated in quite a while, just like I havent had time to update our entry on CSDb.
  2. Second of all, I wont update much for the next three (3) months either. The reason is that the elections are coming up in Sweden, and since I am politically active I've had my hands full and will have my hands full until the elections are over.
  3. Since politics is a hobby for me (I dont get paid for it, and I do it on my free time) it cuts into my free time, thus during an election year there is not much free time left.
  4. If interested, and assuming you know Swedish, you can visit my campaignsite at Please note that the site is in Swedish and is 99% politics.

After the election, I will resume my scene activities. Planned items before the end of the year are:
  1. Revamp this site. I'll probably use a blogging software such as wordpress, since I have gotten fond of the tool since using it for my campaign site. After setting things up, and moving all the old content I will finish the missing segment (such as the intro collection)
  2. Release another demo. Not sure if I can find the time before the end of the year, but I hope so. I still have no idea on what the demo will look like.

Also, if anyone would be interested in helping out by breathing some air back into the group, just contact me. I really have to little time to be doing much in the revival business right now.

Mattias, once known as H.O of Science451