Science451 intros

Intros where used at our - in the early years few - cracks, and on our productions. Since we for a while had 10 coders in S451, and almost everyone did an intro or two, there is a bunch. Here are screenshots from those I have transfered so far.

This is one of Glercs later intros. There was a later version of this with nicer gfx, but this still is one of the better intros at the time.

I think this intro was done by Syncro. Not sure though. As you might notice, several of our intros had the same design. The reason behind this was an internal fight of writing the shortest intro. The way the logo is created in these intros (+ a lot of other things of course) made them very memory cheap.

No idea who did this. You see that the same design is still used. This has a drawn logo though, but by this time the old design of our intros was so worked into the spine, that all intros still looked the same way, designwise :)
Actually, I think it was Bilbo that did it. Some versions of this intro runs with a greenish logo, that changes to golden after 5-20 seconds. Thats the siwu version, which is an intro that unpacks the crack/demo/whatever while the intro runs. Pretty cool at the time, fairly standard these days :)

THis is one of our first intros, made by H.O (wow, thats me :)). This one wasnt used that much, one reason being the big scroll, which made the reading speed low. It also didnt fit into the current trend of shorter & shorter intros. (But I still like it)

Glercs first intro. I think its neat. It was the first intro with an intro-packer, making it very easy to add to your productions.

THis was made by Polonus. I dont think it was used that much, except on Polonus own productions. Not sure why though, since its a fairly neat intro.

Another of these intro-impackers our coders did. No clue on who did this. Sorry.

Glercs second intro. This with a bouncing logo, 2 layers of color & nice colorbars. This is real spiffy, but it makes most emulators puke :)

This is Galleons introimpacker, designed to be maximum short & fit with his packer. If you study the charset you will notice it is calculated from the rom charset, to save some bytes.

THis is Karl XII's drum-intro. Uses some drum samples as music, and is way cool (and way big too...). The text blinks synced to the drums, and I happened to screenshot when the scroll was black, sorry for that.

Another intro by Glerc, this being one of the latest. Its from the period when we had a steady supply of originals, and thus realeased a bunch of cracks. The pacmans are btw animated, real nice :)

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