Updates of this page

Welcome to the Science 451 homepage.

Here you will find a list of updates of this page.

04-03-06: Not much in the way of updates recently. Sorry about that, but I havent had the time. Also, I had to disable the guest book for now due to excessive spamming. Sorry about that.

24-08-05: A new demo released, forgotten bytes. Find it in the productions area.
22-05-05: Just a minor update: Added our Amiga productions, an MP3 from the Fleming show and the source code to 16 years of silence. All of them in productions/other.
21-05-05: No real update this time, just an apology about the lack of updates. I've been really busy at work lately, so I havent had any time to spend on this.
The next real update should be in the middle/end of June.
31-03-05: A new demo from Science 451 is released. See under productions.
05-03-05: I've been away on a business trip, so updates has been a bit slow. Added two new demos (at last & electric dreams) and finished the cracks section.
06-02-05: Some minor changes on the pages, for example on the wanted section. Located another demo by Metal Maniac which was added to the demo section. Updates are now scheduled for weekends, since I dont have the time to work on this page during weekdays. (version 1.2.9)
30-01-05: Started working on the cracks section. All cracks has been uploaded, and you can download them all in one big file. I am still working on adding each crack as a separate download, with correct credits though.
23-01-05: Reworked the demo section, adding screenshots for all our demos, and with quick links to the file with the demo (see productions, under demos). Also replaced all S451-logos with new logos. Most of them from c64, but some are Amiga logos. Converted some graphics into PNG.
13-01-05: Added another demo (Russia, a S451/G*P coop demo), and added a working version of Magic Waves. Get them in the download section. Also added Rygar to the email page.
11-01-05: Reformatted the member-section (all members now in alphabetical order), updated the history slightly, fixed some small bugs in the guestbook (which hid entried with no email and/or too short name/handle)
09-01-05: Added all Science451 demos I could find (see productions)
08-01-05: Added a guestbook.
06-01-05: Added disc-covers (see scans), added Party invitations (see scans), added Iguana #5 (see scans), added older demos (CCCP, The Crew, The Warlocks, see productions)
05-01-05: Minor update (Thanx, small layout changes, two new (empty) segments, a contact page for S451.
30-12-04: Updated the following parts (minor updates only): navigator (the one at the bottom), main (the start page), thanx, history (Metal Maniac added), members (Metal Maniac again, added links to interviews on c64hq and In medias res), updates (this page), links and finally a new segment called Wanted!
01-12-04: I finally got the thumb out of my ass and got this page back online, this time at science451.org (which incidentally is the second S451-domain I own. I owned science451.com for two years, but never got around to doing anything with it.
Removed all links, and removed non-working content.(version 1.2)

Updates for the old webpage:

28-05-97: New links in the link section. Link to RWE (Radwar) was removed since it hasnt been reachable for months. (version 1.1.2)
20-05-97: Added some new files (see download section) and some new screenshots (see demo section). (Both these are in 'productions').
16-05-97: Finally found some spare time and updated the links, the history and the member section. The member section should now be complete, covering everyone who has been a member of Science 451 (version 1.1)
15-05-97: Removed the stupid MS IE block. Use whatever (framescompatible) browser you like.
05-01-97: Fixed some small details.
21-12-96: Updated the members section a bit.
20-12-96: Updated the links (eg, added some new)
18-12-96: Added a screenshot to the intro section
15-12-96: Added more screenshots. Added a download section.
14-12-96: Added some links
14-12-96: Added a counter. (wowie :)
13-12-96: Blocked this page for MS Internet explorer.
13-12-96: Added a bunch of screenshots
11-12-96: Updated the history, correcting a few facts.
09-12-96: Started actually working on this side, adding texts, layout, logos, etc. Changed revision from Gamma to Beta.(version 1.0.1)
??-??-96: Created this page while working on my homepage (link removed, since that webpage hasnt been reachable for quite some time).
??-??-96: Had a nostalgia trip watching loadsa c64 pages. Decided to create my own when I had time.

Mattias, aka H.O of Science451