Older productions from members of Science 451

This segment contains productions from members of Science451 (or the group they were in at the time), from before they became members.

Currently there is only stuff from groups that I and Glerc were members of (CCCP, The Crew, The Warlocks) since that is the stuff I could find on my disks.

I only have them as rar:ed .d64 files, with each d64 containing several productions. Sorry about not putting up each production as a separate file, but I didnt want to spend too much time on this segment.

CCCP Disk 1
Contains: CCCP greet, CCCP Smessel 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10
Size: 109 kb rar:ed

CCCP Disk 2
Contains: Tubular Bells, CCCP Piccy show, CCCP Metaldemo #1, Night City, Real Demo, Why me?
Size: 118 kb rar:ed

CCCP Disk 3
Contains: Internal releases: Final Pic, Another one, Letter-writer, Glerc to CCCP, FTA Intro, One intro, Just a warning
Size: 48 kb rar:ed

The Crew Disk 1
Contains: Incredible demo, No Name, Some limits, Unforgetable, Watch this, Improved Watch this
Size: 155 kb rar:ed

The Crew Disk 2
Contains: Too bored (never released), Musicdisc 1 (excluding the tunes), The Crew (IFI), Piccy+ (IFI), The Drums (IFI), One More (IFI)
Size: 60 kb rar:ed

The Warlocks Disk 1
Contains: Agent Muzak, Another Warlock, Ball Demo, Brilliant, Execution at night, Fast Smashed, Introducing, Knorre, New Warlocks, Oh joy!
Size: 155 kb rar:ed

The Warlocks Disk 2
Contains: All sleeping, Hack Sack 88, Heavy pride, High voltage, Hysteria, Mental Power, Thunder Demo, Wowsers man
Size: 139 kb rar:ed

The Warlocks Disk 3
Contains: Chipwar tune, Lethal, Power Supply, Quite neat, Speedy Gonzales, Time to kill, TTW & TWL Demo, Unbelievable, Warlock demo, Welcome. Also contains an internal demonstration of a TWL intro (never used)
Size: 146 kb rar:ed

The Warlocks Disk 4
Contains: Breaking Another Dimension (B.A.D.), Crunchtest, Confuzed Part 1 (a crack), Confuzed part 2 (another crack), Enjoy the show, Getting warm, Syntax Demo, Torture is too kind
Size: 123 kb rar:ed

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