Help Wanted!

Things I need some help with. If you feel you can provide help, just mail me. No monetary rewards can be provided, but you will of course get full credit for the help you provide.

1. As you can see, these pages need an overhaul. The graphics in particular needs to be redone. Problem is, I suck at creating graphics, which is why I so far have used screenshots from our old c64-productions. But, I'd like to give the pages a face-lift, and for this I need some new graphics, both background graphics and some new logos. I am looking for something that feels fresh, but with a c64/8-bit/retro-feel to them.

2. I think I have managed to locate (almost) all S451-demos, so right now I am working on the cracks. Currently I am looking for these S451-cracks: Beach Buggies, Chips Challenge+11, Creatures , Kick Off , Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge+ , Overlander+3 , Psycloid , Stunrunner , Vincent+5 , Warlock the Avenger+6 , Warriors+ , Zyrons Escape

3. The info on the late years of S451 (90-91) is still somewhat lacking, and the info on what different members are doing now is also out of date. If you feel that you can help, feel free to contact me.

4. I am trying to collect all S451 releases on Amiga. Currently I have demos from Syncro (one one-part demo and one megademo), a packer from syncro and Science451 docs 4, 5, 7, 9-16. There should be another Amiga-demo (from The Leader) released in 1988, and also Science451 docs 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 that I am missing. Besides these, if you have any other S451-releases on Amiga that would be welcome.

5. I am also missing some older productions (see productions to see the files added).
From CCCP: CCCP smessel IV, CCCP smessel VII, CCCP metaldemo #2
From The Crew: Releases from other members then H.O & Glerc
From The Warlocks: TWL Linker (a version of Galleons linker/charcruncher made for TWL)
And of course, anything from these 3 groups you have not included in these disks :)