Productions of Science 451

All Science451-demos in one large (1.6 MB) rar-file: Science451 demo collection

This collections contains the following (available as separate downloads here):

16 years of silence by: H.O (intro by Glerc)
7 line music by: Polonus
80 demo by: Iron
At last by: Spirit
Audio tape by: Moskwa TV
Art collection 1 & Art collection 2 by: Galleon
Back Strike by: Glerc
Bad taste by: Nova (intro by Glerc)
Ball scope by: Polonus
Beatbox collection by: Karl XII
Beatbox creator by: Karl XII
Bergen Party
Chockwave by: H.O (music Gaunt)
Come to the party by: Rygar
Contact Spirit by: Spirit
Core wars by: Polonus
Digital II by: Moskwa TV (intro by Glerc)
Dreams of tomorrow by: Hightech & Judge
Dutch power by: Focus
Electric Dreams by: IZE
El Escaparate by: Odin, Visual, Tracker (intro by Glerc)
Enjoining by: Captain Rock
Fullt ooos by: Lloyd, Odin, Masterjam (intro by Glerc)
Get amazed by: hightech
Glerc's dead by: Glerc
Hidden science by: The Bright Lion (s451), power(THF) & zth(THF)
I'm back by: Spirit (intro by Glerc)
In action by: Galleon
Jambalajja by: Karl XII, Syncro, Gaunt
Krush by: Hightech (S451) & Getafix (Front)
Light Some Dreams by: Syncro, Odin, Lloyd (intro by Glerc)
Luxury by: Spirit (intro by Glerc)
Magic waves by: Galleon
Mega Demo by: Rygar
Mega Micro by: Syncro & Gaunt
Merry Xmas! by: Spirit (intro by Glerc)
Message board by: Galleon
Metal Dreams by: Hightech & Judge
Midnight Oil by: The Dark Judge (TDJ)
Misery by: Odin & Spirit (intro by Glerc)
Mobile Rap by: Karl XII
No more smarties by: H.O (music by Gaunt)
Octagon by: Galleon
Packertest 2 by: Galleon
Party talk by: Spirit (intro by Glerc)
Perfection! by: H.O & Glerc
P.L.U.F.O. by: H.O (intro by Glerc)
Potholes in my lawn by: Nova, Odin, Polonus (intro by Glerc)
Puke by: Spirit (intro by Glerc)
Russia by: Moskwa TV (in cooperation with G*P)
S451 intro collection by: Glerc, Hightech, Polonus & unknown
S451 logo by: Megastyle Inc and Thrasher
S451 Sonics #0001 by: Hightech
S451 Sonics #0002 by: Hightech
S451 Sonics #0003 by: Judge, Hightech & Gaunt
Scout musix by: Rygar
Shortie by: Spirit (intro by Glerc)
Spain 2 by: Spirit (intro by Glerc)
Spiritual by: The Dark Judge (intro by Glerc)
Splended by: Karl XII, The leader, Galleon
Syncronize by: The leader, Judge, Galleon
The demo by: Odin & Spirit (intro by Glerc)
The results by: Moskwa TV
Tjing Tjong by: Judge
Traztan by: Galleon
Tungg Gungg by: Bilbo & Rygar
U.C.M. rip by: Rygar
Vacations by: H.O (intro by Karl XII)
Zschebabb by: Karl XII, Syncro, Gaunt

Here are the old disks that I put up for download when opening this site. They contain the nothing extra, but are here in case anyone prefers these old disks.
Contains: Perfection, UCM rip, Single normal+, Back strike,
Glerc intro v1.2, H.O intro v1.3, Light some dreams.
Size: 142 kb zipped

Contains: Mega-intro, the demo, siwu intro, note writer, vacations,
intromaker, intro 37 impacker, syncropacker 1.3, levelpack 1.0/E,
Glerc intro 1.4, compactor v3.6/A, p.l.u.f.o.
Size: 97 kb zipped

Contains: Core Wars, No more smarties, chockwave.
(Note: Shockwave & No more smarties are really _bad_ demos, but they
have cool music)
Size: 63 kb zipped

Contains: s451 sonics #001, tung gung, tjing tjong, syncronize, dutch power,
Size: 154 kb zipped

Contains: S451 tracker, Glerc's dead, Escaparate, Fullt ooos, Get amazed.
Size: 164 kb zipped

Contains: I am back, Artcollection 1 & 2, Ballscope, Dreams of tomorrow.
Size: 166 kb zipped

Contains: In action, Jambalaja, Krush, Light some dreams, Mega micro, messageboard, Misery.
Size: 164 kb zipped

Contains: Mobile rap, Octagon music rip, scout music rip, Traztan demo, Potholes in my lawn.
Size: 121 kb zipped

Metal dreams
Contains: Metal dreams.
Size: 79 kb zipped

Beatbox creation
Contains: Beatbox collection by Karl XII
Size: 123 kb zipped

Contains: One of our cracks, namely Ghouls'n'goblins.
Size: 151 kb zipped

Contains: Just a collection of writers that I had.
Size: 42 kb zipped

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